Dulse, a digital interactive storybook installation for preschoolers and their families.
Resembling a wall-sized storybook, the work invites participation from child and adult, on different levels, literally and figuratively.
Like bedtime storybooks, which facilitate imaginative & emotional experiences between child and parent,
Dulse is a tool for a shared experience. 
Dulse is a platform for co-creating narratives.
Dulse is about creative play and developing curiosity in and between the young and the older. 
This project was imagined in collaboration with Artistic Intelligence and Helen Yung.
KEYWORDS : pre-verbal communication, pre-school activities, interactive art, early childhood development, babies, experimental art, touch technology
*special thanks to Baanto for their advanced touch-screen technology, and generous donation of the product, in helping making this project possible.

(All images below are from our "Prototype 101" session, a playdate with 2 Ella's,1 Mateo, and their parents)
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