This project was originally submitted in collaboration with Michael McDougall and Alex Kurina 
Our intention is to project, using projection mapping techniques, on to the front and inside facades of the large concrete blocks that dominate the design of the Helmut List Halle foyer.
The visuals will comprise a mix of hard motion graphics and organic, generative visuals. We would like to play with the concept of the line and design the imagery to accentuate the architectural quality of the space; namely the extreme perspective and the 90 degree edge towards the front of the building. We are also interested in playing with the relationship between the “outside” and ‘inside” of the structure as it is divided by the glass wall.
Audio will play a major role as the inspiration for the forms and motion. Waveform algorithms will spawn the motion which will be amplified and manipulated into elegant patterns and visual metaphors.
We will have the opportunity to borrow elements from the current Springfest brand since conceptually, the seemingly chaotic and free flowing lines, work well with the type of images we’re seeing. The organic forms can be integrated into the overall visuals narrative that will be projected onto the building.
The layout and features of Helmut List Halle combined with the custom visuals will help create a unique art piece that serves the space (An entrance to a party) and creates an iconic marker for eager party goers. We would like to explore the ideas inherent in this gathering - collective mind, union, abstract thought, participatory involvement.
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