Leika (Icelandic for "play") is an interactive performance platform that allows any numbers of dancers, moving bodies, and even the audience, all being part of the audio composition through a custom camera sensor tracking engine. 
The premiere of Leika took place on a beautiful late-summer’s evening in the stunning waterfront setting of Toronto’s Music Garden on September 10, 2009
Special thanks go to Dreamwalker Dance Company, and all of the artists and supporters who made this performance a magical one!
Commissioned by Toronto Music Garden/Harbourfront Centre
Concept/Music/Sound Environment Tom Kuo
Choreography/Performance Andrea Nann
Guest Vocalist/Cellist Anne Bourne
Guest Dancers Jordana Deveau, Shelly Hering & Salil, Lucy Rupert & Pablo, CCDT company dancers: Adelaide Batuk, Francesca Chudnoff, Kendra Epik, Meredith Gries, Gwyneth Mackenzie, Ellis Martin-Wylie, Elana Mlotek, Jennifer Morse, Midori Mukai, Taryn Na, Victoria Scanlon
Further credit goes out to Memo Akten for sharing the original "Webcam Piano" processing app., and David Bouchard for being a processing guru with his assistance.
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