This was originally envisioned for an unique real-estate office  showroom experience. Through the various interactive media techniques, the potential buyer is able to really imagine where they might consider living, including all of the preferences they might want to find out about their potential new neighborhood.
·  Place users in-situ of their interested neighbourhood with life-size street view, interactively walk-aroud the neighborhood
·  Able to browse the neighborhood features (ie. parks, restaurant menus, good coffee shops, bike paths, lifestyle preeferences, etc.)
·  Able to get preferred statistical data about the neighborhood (ie. demographics, school system and achievement rating, best route to travel to work, transit stops and parking locations, crime rates, taxes and property value increase, etc.)
·  Showroom able to place the user in a strategic “Life-Style” oriented atmosphere
·  Users able to create a personalized “info packet” to take away, in digital format and print-out
·  Optional: Users able to interactively manipulate their potential living space and view it “live” (ie. change the wall color, lighting, place in specific furniture pieces, have an interactive walk-through of the space)
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