PHOTO CREDIT: Steve Di Lorenzo
FLUXe: Publice Space Immersive Art Experience
Original Concept Co-Creator and Creative Direction, Pre-Production
Curated and Produced by: Steve DiLorenzo and Capital C, including software platform designer Rob King 
For one sleepless night at Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche, people from all over the world participated in a magical interactive art experience. Together, they reinvented the playful art of finger painting by using enigmatic brush patterns created by nine world-renowned artists 
The artists involved span an eclectic range of styles, some notables include Canada's own Oscar nominated and Emmy award winner Alex Kurina, Italian collagist Lorenzo Petrantoni whom has created editorial work for News Week featuring Barak Obama, photographer film director and visionary Zara Holloway who photographs enigmatic fashion narratives under water. Hugh Elliot new media artist who has repurposed his "Movies in Haiku" series of screen prints featuring American Beauty, the Goonies and Fight Club.
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