Originally designed for a children’s hospital, who wished for a “digital donor wall” system that can be flexible for updates and also can serve as a pleasing hallway digital-art piece. This project is currently under consideration.
·  A visual platform of an interactive display/database system
·  Able to reveal donor’s comments/messages
·  Donor's "comment bubbles" appear as the busy traffic walks through (ie. “I donated to Sick Kids because…”, “I wish for..”)
·  Simple technology to create movement, lighten the mood
·  Modern design wall art, reflective of the current client’s brand
·  Facilitate real-time updates/corrections which are done through an onsite terminal or via an internet platform
·  ROI over time and savings on staff time annually
·  Aesthetically pleasing, possibly a 3D artistic composition, incorporate a digital screen for the other recognition programs or event news
·  Donor would easily be able to find their names, empowering their recognition
·  Themes, easily updatable
·  Affordable and readily available maintenance program
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