Pixel Gallery: BOBO
Interactive Platform & Immersive Art Installation Designer/Builder
Produced by: Steve DiLorenzo and David Girolami
Technical production in collaboration with Demi Kandylis and Graham Miller
Does the image of the clown make you giggle like a child, or are you petrified of the thought? Emotional or indifferent perhaps? The iconic image of the clown evokes both positive and negative reactions. For some, the mere mention or presence of a clown conjures up childhood memories of birthday parties and good cheer, while others are confronted with feelings of inexplicable uneasiness. People’s strong reactions to clowns offer them a mirror for their own joys and fears in the form of a caricature.
In this installation post modernism meets Victorian cyber punk with a touch of Pagliacci. An old weary traveler named BoBo has transcended time to appear for you in a magic mirror set in a mysterious booth. After his frenetic display, you emerge from the booth into the gallery space to see a curious transformation has taken place that involves you the gallery patron, becoming part of unique and unexpected art experience.
FEATURED ARTISTS: Bison, Niko Stumpo, Gmunk, Randy Knott, Pencil Rebel, Stephanie Davidson, Professional Jonathan Presents…, Nick Goso, Bram Timmer, Marta Blicharz, Peter Gomes, Pop-dis!, Charles Mayer, Graham Miller, Tyler Gray, Tom Kuo, Demi Kandylis, and YOU!
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