(CONCEPT, retained pre-production)
An interactive new media installation, in celebration of a new model vehicle's launch and featuring the discovery of it's new features. Through a surprising participatory AudioVisual composition system, audience are left with a memorable symphonic experience.
• To celebrate the new car-x and give the loyalists attending the event a unique and memorable experience
• To positively affect attendees at a personal, emotional level that achieves value beyond any typical autoshow
• To have attendees keenly identify with the lifestyle attributes and enhanced functionality of the new vehicle
• To offer imagination to the attendees of the features of car-x that speaks to them, during the event and after
• To have attendees leave the event proud to be a car-x owner, aspire to move up to the car-x model and relate their unique experience and feelings to friends and family
• An experience lives on beyond the event (social marketing!)
• To create a robust and intuitive system that can easily be repurposed for other car shows and venues around the world
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