Pixel Gallery: The Artillerist 
Immersive Installation and Interactive Platform Designer
Curated by: Steve DiLorenzo and David Girolami
Technical production in collaboration with James Eberhardt, Pearl Chen, Bram Timmer and Graham Miller
The Artillerist is an immersive art installation created for Nuit Blanche based on the idea of juxtaposing guns, art and interactivity. It satirically promotes the use of guns that make art - not war! The installation is made up of multi-projection-based system which involves networking a series of Wii controllers embedded in fake plastic toy guns enabling visitors to use them as a series of custom 'brushes' to digitally paint on ornate hanging canvases within the gallery space. The exhibit features interactive brushes that give audience participants the chance to take original artwork created by the artists and re-appropriate them for their own digital painting experience. Exhibition visitors could choose between 13 different local and international artists with the opportunity to output a hi resolution 11x17 print based on their mixed composition and instantly submit their work to a customized Flickr gallery at the push of a button.
FEATURED ARTISTS: Niko Stumpo, Neil Collyer, Eepmon, Derrick Hodgson, Randy Knott, Janice Kun, Popdis, Mikey Richardson, Saran, Sectr, Bram Timmer, Ree Treweek, and YOU!

The Artilleriist was first launched in 2008, it was then reinstalled as the featured audience participation installation for the FITC 2009 Design and Technology Festival
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